Night Care

Night care offered by Healthy Care Ltd is an excellent solution for those who only need a helping hand during the night. Caring for a person can be a demanding task and we understand you need to rest too in order to efficiently help your loved one during the day.

However, in some cases, the care doesn’t end at sunset. Your loved one might need to use the loo, fall asleep later, wake up early or due to, i.e. learning difficulties have trouble staying alone in the dark. We are experienced in all kinds of situations!

Let us know your requirements and we will prepare a care plan with a detailed schedule. Keeping a strict nighttime routine is essential for everyone. This enhances comfort, every involved person knows what to expect. Routines are very important in caring for people with learning difficulties like autism. Speak to us now and see how we can help.

Help when you need it

Daytime visits

Daytime visits provide support for you from 1h up to all day long.

Overnight care

Depending on your needs our carers can be awake throughout the night or on-call and able to assist when needed.

24/7 Live-in care

Our live-in care services give you 24/7 support, providing a better alternative to care home.

Specialised care

Our carers have experience with a number of conditions

Personal care

Respite care

Dementia and Alzheimers



Palliative care

Elderly care


Physical Disability

Learning disabilities

Reablement / post-surgery

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Get in touch

Leave your details and we’ll contact you to answer any questions and schedule your care assessment at your convenience. Alternatively you can call 01733 857740 or send an email to

Home Assessment

We will agree a time to come and visit you in your own home. We will take the time to fully understand your care needs, and provide recommendations as to what type of care is required.

Care delivery

Once agreed, we will begin to deliver the care. Whether hourly, live-in, or night care, we will endeavour to deliver the best possible care.