Elderly Care

We know everyone’s circumstances are different at it might be difficult to take care of your parents or grandparents at all times. This might not be even necessary if they are still healthy and pretty independent.

However, if you feel they need support then our Elderly Care is something you might be looking for. We offer short visits from 30-minute check-ins to 24/7 living in care. The amount of duties our carers will do is up to you and your loved one! We will make sure the carer fits your needs and fulfill your requirements.

Our services are very flexible so if you need more help during summer or winter then we are happy to provide more care or if your loved one feels abler then we can lower the number of visits to keep you happy. Speak to our team and we will arrange a detailed plan of times, duties and other important aspects to ensure you receive the care you are after.

Help when you need it

Daytime visits

Daytime visits provide support for you from 1h up to all day long.

Overnight care

Depending on your needs our carers can be awake throughout the night or on-call and able to assist when needed.

24/7 Live-in care

Our live-in care services give you 24/7 support, providing a better alternative to care home.

Specialised care

Our carers have experience with a number of conditions

Personal care

Respite care

Dementia and Alzheimers



Palliative care

Elderly care


Physical Disability

Learning disabilities

Reablement / post-surgery

Book your care assessment

Get in touch

Leave your details and we’ll contact you to answer any questions and schedule your care assessment at your convenience. Alternatively you can call 01733 857740 or send an email to healthy-care@outlook.com

Home Assessment

We will agree a time to come and visit you in your own home. We will take the time to fully understand your care needs, and provide recommendations as to what type of care is required.

Care delivery

Once agreed, we will begin to deliver the care. Whether hourly, live-in, or night care, we will endeavour to deliver the best possible care.